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AI-232-A RS232 Optical Isolator

What it looks like!


A small plastic box that is inserted between the serial port of your computer and any external serial device to give you 700 volts of electrical isolation between the two sides.  This box provides optical isolation for all the serial lines, making the isolation completely transparent for both computer and device.  No special drivers, switch settings or system settings are needed. Simply plug the device into the box, the box into the computer and obtain all the advantages of electrical isolation through optics.

Unlike some other available optical isolators, this one will work with unusual serial devices such as microprocessor/microcontroller emulators, at high baud rates.  Some serial devices and accompanying software do not use the serial lines in a conventional fashion. They often require use of all the serial lines and at very high baud rates.

Will remove communication problems experienced with some notebook computers.

Recommended by MetaLink® for interfacing their emulators.


Electrical Isolation: 700VDC minimum
Baud Rate: 200K bits per second maximum
Signals Isolated: TXD,RXD,DTR,DSR,RTS,CTS,CD,RI,Signal Ground
Power: 6VDC, from provided wall-mount power supply
Connectors: DB-9M DTE (computer), DB-9F DCD (device)
Dimensions: 2.8"W x 1.15"H x 6.5"L (7.1 x 2.9 x 16.6 cm)


Price & Ordering

    AI-232-A           $149 each

    Shipping                 $5 each within the USA

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