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After years of working in positions such as auto mechanic, machinist, bus driver, lumberjack, beekeeper and handyman, I discovered computers and electronics.  Working full-time and perusing a college degree part-time, it took me 10 years to finish my formal education.  The results are an Associates Degree in Mathematics from Cuesta College and a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly.  During this time I made work place transitions from Technician to Engineer to Manager and then back to Engineer. After purchasing a TI59 calculator for my course work, I was seduced by the joy of programming. Then came the IBM PC with it's 256K of RAM and dual 360K floppy drives. The PC was selected over the MAC because IBM provided a complete source code listing of the BIOS in its technical reference manual, no secrets. An amazing machine later upgraded with a huge 30M hard drive and 8087 math coprocessor. Outfitted with Turbo Pascal it was a programmers dream come true. Two years after graduation I left traditional employment to apply myself full time to building Apis Industries.  For the next 10 years I was involved in an incredibly diverse number of engineering projects ranging from measuring the leakage rate of nuclear waste containment vessels and aircraft baggage compartments, database development for MRP manufacturing systems, automated pressure calibration systems, low level Internet communications for multi-player gaming, network installations for small companies, motor control systems for brain surgery and even audio controlled 'adult' toys.  Have a look at the portfolio.

Axon Instruments slowly consumed most of my time with their precision biomedical equipment and outrageous dedication to quality and function. After many years, I accepted a position as senior hardware engineer.  Less than a year later Axon has its first major layoff. A 20% cutback in workforce.  I become a member of the workforce reduction crew.




Letters of recommendation from Alan & Rich

Photo1 (Standing in front of the OpusExpress system, proud of my motor controller design)

Photo2 (Typical work position)


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